Why is my Canon printer printing wrong colors?

Strange blotches, ugly streaks, and the whole thing appear to be printing an unusual color of pink. Printouts like this aren't optimal, but there's an easy solution that will stop you from asking yourself: why is my printer printing in pink? All you need to do is conduct a couple of tests that shouldn't result in you being coated in pink ink. Here's how to resolve your printing issues with pink.  

Why does your printer print pink? 

The printer could be printing pink because the other cartridges have worn out. Common printer-to-page technology can process colors in four components: yellow, magenta, and cyan as well as black (CMYK) or toner. The cartridges for ink in your color laser or inkjet printer are divided into four different colors. Sometimes, one color may be exhausted before the next for printer printing wrong colors. 

If, for instance, you're printing an image of a seaside scene and the ocean prints in a pinkish shade the cyan cartridge might require refilling. If this picture of the sea has red beach huts, however, they're now an unnatural hue of pink then you are out of ink yellow. A modern printer will attempt to make up for the color that's not there with the remaining colored ink, but there will always be a dominant color. In this instance, the dominant color is magenta.

How do I resolve color issues in printers 

If you're not able to print precise colors while printing, there are a couple of simple tests you can take to find out what must be done to fix the problem. 

Most likely, the issue is a depleted cartridge, therefore, first, it is important to examine the levels of ink on your printer. It isn't necessary to start the printer in order to check this, as you only need to open the maintenance tools of your printer. These are accessible in the start menu of your computer or on the LCD screen of your printer If it is equipped with one. Where it is located will depend on the manufacturer and model of the printer. When you're in the maintenance utility you'll be able to find out which cartridges are running low or empty of ink. 

If the ink levels appear normal, but you're not getting the printing quality you want, it could be time to conduct an experiment print or nozzle inspection. This way test, you'll identify which color cartridge causes the issue since the test differentiates yellow, magenta, and cyan from each other. 

A test is often required as if you've not printed for a while, the ink contained in cartridges may dry up and cause a blockage in the nozzle. When you conduct a nozzle test this printer will remove the nozzle from the printer and clear it of any particles that are clogged. It is recommended to perform the test nozzle last since it will consume significant amounts of ink in the procedure. 

Through these easy tests, you'll know the ink cartridge that is most likely to need changing , which will aid in helping to maintain the health of your printer.

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